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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Short Story On Friendship.....HaPpY friendship day...:)

  Long time ago in ancient Greece, there live a man named Socrates, who was highly knowledgeable and an esteemed philosopher. One fine day, a fellow approached him. That person told Socrates that he has some information to tell him about his friend. Before he could even start talking about his friend, Socrates told him to take a test known as the 'Triple Filter Test'. 

  The first test of the 'Triple Filer Test' was the filter of truth. Socrates asked him if the information he had was the truth. The person said that he had just heard it on the way and was not sure if it was the absolute truth. The second filter was that of goodness. He asked if the information was regarding anything good about his friend. The man said it was actually the opposite. The third filter was that of usefulness. Socrates asked if the information was useful to him in any way. The man replied in the negative. 

  Socrates then replied that when the information regarding a friend is not true, good or useful, then why it should be conveyed at all. The moral of the story is that you may always participate in loose gossip, but when it comes to your friends ,it is just not worth it. You know your friends better than others. Therefore, you must avoid talking behind the back of your dearest friends. It only leads to strained relations and shows that you are not reliable or trustworthy as a friend.

HaPpY Friendship day.....:)


  1. Wow! Great stuff. Nicely written. It is so true. We often listen to gossip without thinking. A very nice rule to remember. You should put it in bold and in points so that it is easily remembered.

  2. Very good story! We can apply these three filters in all the situations to know the truth. Good thought on Friendship day! I have written about my friend in my blog. If possible read it. Here is the link:
    Best wishes and thanks!